Excellent Quality
For 57 years, we have been adhering to the quality of our medicines – providing high-quality medicines to our patients through rigorous production and manufacturing processes; we believe that pharmaceutical work and product development can help improve the quality of life of people, no matter where they live. Poverty or wealth; health is priceless, we are duty-bound
Social Responsibility
We insist focus on our own way persisting in the quality of all products, and safeguard the safety of consumer medication; meanwhile, also choose our method to develop the new products. We develop the unique part from the domestic drug industry and do our possible to research the earliest development of the new products in response to nowadays.It is our belief to keep improving the quality as well as our responsibility to maintain our people’s health
Pursuit of perfection
All of our products are inspected and held to the highest quality standard. We have been researching and developing new products throughout the years. HWANG’S goal statement is to attain and sustain healthy family life.