PIC/S Grade

API GMP and Materials control

Under API GMP principle, Hwang's ensure API's quality from the beginning, and double guarantee that API ,gets all of the requirement and is qualify to manufacture.

Process Validation

with fine effectiveness and reproducibility, we confirm that all of the process procedures are under the right condition.

Quality Verify

QC will inspect the complete quality of physical, chemical, and microorganism.


Follow by testing from QC department, testing & manufacture control report, then the approval from QA manager which allow to transfer goods to warehouse.


GDP request documentation that can be trace back if certain investigation require. Make sure every shipment delivery are accurate and successful.

Quality Contro

How long and in which condition can medicine last? The acceleration stability test can be a main parameter to decide the shelf life of a product

Scope of Production

Specification of PIC / S GMP, divided into general preparation area, antibiotic ointment region, high sensitization Formulation Zone

Solid dosage forms

sugar-coated tablets (film-coated tablets, tablets, granules, powders) and capsules.

Semi-solid dosage form


Liquid dosage form

bismuth solution.






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